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Commercial Leasing: How to Reduce Your Truck Downtime?

Commercial Leasing: How to Reduce Your Truck Downtime?

Commercial leasing - How to reduce your truck downtime

The worst thing that can happen in your business is to experience downtime. It may lead to low productivity of workers as well as customer satisfaction. When your fleet gets stuck on a road, it means there will be some delay in the delivery of the supplies to your clients. This often leads to damage in reputation, as clients do not receive their goods on time. Aside from this, business downtime can also result in increased expenditures, which means that you may lose a lot of money.

Do not worry because there are a few ways which you can use to solve this problem. Follow these tips to reduce your truck’s downtime:

  1. Choose the best truck to use

The choice of the vehicle to use is mainly dependent on your business needs. Based on the amount and type of items that you wish to transport, an approximately equal capacity truck should be picked. Two other factors that should be considered. Firstly, picking an excessively large truck leads to higher maintenance cost. And secondly, whether the products are delicate, thus requiring special arrangements to ensure their safety.

  1. Take note of the weight

This is somewhat connected to the first pointer above. Another good way to avoid downtime is to watch out for the weight that your truck is carrying. It is vital for you to determine the proper weight so that you can prevent overloading the vehicle. Exceeding the safety capacity increases the risk of damages to both truck and goods, makes it more difficult for the driver to safely operate the vehicle.

  1. Record the downtimes

Another effective way of managing your fleet/truck is to measure downtime. What you need to do is keep a record of all the dates and time where the vehicles experienced downtime. Make sure to include sufficient remarks or other information when the downtime occurred. Doing this helps you to make a proper evaluation and analysis of the causes behind the downtime. This is crucial in anticipating future downtimes and eliminating root causes.

  1. Train your employees to be accountable

Keep in mind that there are lots of reasons for the cause of the downtime. However, if it occurs on a regular basis, then there is a possibility that your drivers and other workers have something to do with it. As such, be sure to conduct constant maintenance of the vehicles as well as measure the downtime each time a breakdown occurs. Appointing employees to roles with responsibility over these tasks increases accountability for the trucks.

  1. Always check the vehicle before using it

Always make an effort to schedule a repair and maintenance session for all the vehicles used for your fleet. Doing this can save you from a lot of trouble. Do not hesitate to set even one whole day just for the repairs of the trucks. Instead, call the best employees in your company and instruct them to check the vehicles.


Unsure over the required maintenance cost and operations needed to carry out operations with a truck? Then consider corporate car rental Singapore services. Commercial truck rental often offer maintenance help and a replacement in the event of downtime. Through their careful inspection and fine tuning, your truck will be in optimal shape for work.

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