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Safety on the road with these simple tips

Safety on the road with these simple tips


There are countless numbers of accidents happening on our roads everyday. While some of these accidents are unfortunate occurrences that cannot be avoided, it is true to say that a large amount of accidents are due to a driver’s negligence on safety. At times, drivers overlooked the importance of safety amidst a busy schedule. In this article, we have prepared some road safety tips for you.

  1. Routine Car Check

Before each drive, a precautionary car check is highly recommended to identify potential issues and minimize the risk of inconvenience.  Make a walk around your vehicle and check for potential issues such as:

  • Damage to car body
  • Flat or punctured tyres
  • Modification to your vehicle that is not to your knowledge

At first, the time spent will feel unnecessary. Therefore, drivers should let it become a natural habit and take into account the time consumed if any issues surface during the drive.

  1. Wet weather

Adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain affects the driver’s ability to see and be seen. Hence, accidents on the road tend to occur more during wet weather conditions. Here is what you should pay extra notice to during rainy weather:

  • Check tyres – They have to be sufficiently inflated and in good condition for maximum grip on wet roads.
  • Speed and stopping distance – Wet weather reduces the ability for drivers to control their vehicle. For example, the stopping distance is doubled on wet roads. Therefore, drive slower than usual to avoid dangerous circumstances.

Control and mastery of your vehicle during tricky weather conditions comes with experience and expertise. When in doubt, slow down and adopt defensive driving techniques for maximum safety.

  1. Drink Driving

Drink driving spells danger under any circumstances. Aside from causing unnecessary danger to you, drink driving will also put other motorists in great danger. The single rule that will prevent the occurrence of drink driving is to simply not drive to drink. Even half a pint of beer is considered half a pint too many.

Prevention through precautionary measures is the best stance to adopt. Make safe driving a habit to eliminate risks of accidents. If you have engaged in commercial vehicle rental, that will mean that you have to pay for damage for the vehicle in the event of damage. This is usually stated clearly in the commercial vehicle leasing Singapore contract. To avoid unnecessary expenses, please stay cautious and have a safe drive!

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