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Top Tips for Maintenance and Servicing of Rental Cars

Top Tips for Maintenance and Servicing of Rental Cars

Top Tips for Maintenance and Servicing of Rental Cars

Many drivers neglect the maintenance of leased vehicles, as they believe it is not their responsibility since they don’t own the vehicle. This is a common mistake that will lead to unexpected costs at the end of the leasing contract. Be it private car rental or commercial vehicle leasing, we strongly advise you to check with the company on the full term of the contract. Most vehicle rental Singapore companies bears the full cost of maintenance and servicing. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have any responsibility outside of driving the vehicle though. Consequently, you should do the following:

  1. Ensure timeliness

To prolong the lifespan of the car and to keep it running at a tip-top condition, drivers must not delay the scheduled maintenance and servicing for the vehicle. Your vehicle might look the same when you skip these maintenance but over a period of time, it will cause excessive wear and tear. There is nothing worse than to be presented with an additional bill for repair cost at the end of your leasing agreement. What could be worst is: you might put you, your passengers and other motorists at risks with a poorly maintained vehicle.

  1. Avoid negligence “ownership”

We all have been in that situation before — you are having a busy schedule and you don’t feel your car is right. Be it the weird noise coming from one of your wheels or the unnecessary vibrations when driving, it is absolutely essential to have these issue ironed out. More often than not, problems will appear minor before developing into bigger issues. Therefore, treat your car the same way you would treat your loved ones by being attentive to its needs. Usually, Car leasing in Singapore will entitle you to a complimentary vehicle replacement during servicing and maintenance to minimize your inconvenience during the downtime. Ultimately, the best advice here is to take it to the doctor when it starts showing syndromes of “illness”.

Following the rules above will definitely put you in good stead. Remember, cost and inconvenience are minor issues but safety should always be your major concern!

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