Commercial Truck Rental |Truck Leasing Singapore | Truck Rental Services
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Truck Rental

Truck Rental Singapore | Truck Rental Services


One2Rent provides a viable alternative to owning your own commercial truck. Be it personal relocation, delivery services or commercial work, we have a variety of utility trucks that meet your specific needs.


When should you rent instead of purchasing your own truck?
When it comes to trucks, there is no one size fits all solution as each is made to fulfill distinct needs. Depending on your usage of the truck, it may be more cost effective to rent it. If you foresee an under-utilization of any one truck, or requiring several different trucks to meet your obligations, a rental service may be an effective solution.


The benefits of leasing/renting trucks from One2Rent are:


  • Choice of make, model and color of preferred vehicle
  • 24/7 emergency assistanceNo additional road tax, insurance, servicing and maintenance required
  • No heavy outlay of financial capital
  • Vehicle replacement during servicing and maintenance
  • Zero risks on depreciation costs
  • Quick and convenient application process


How to pick the right truck model for yourself?
Budget – Actively setting your budget before anything else helps to narrow down your choices and thus saves time.


Tenure Period – Prices vary according to the different tenure period you require for the truck.


Seating Capacity – Depending on your intended usage for the truck, seating capacity must be considered. Additionally, you may wish to consider the option of having a canopy fitted to the truck.


Cargo capacity – The nature of goods to be transported and their weight will determine the required cargo/payload capacity and length of the truck. Another relevant consideration is the required towing capacity.


What can you expect from our truck rental services?
Reliability – One2Rent has a strong reputation within the vehicle rental industry of delivering quality rentals and being available for the customer when needed.


Attention to details – No effort is spared in ensuring that the right truck and preferred fittings are provided to the customer.


Customer satisfaction – We are always ready to deliver an excellent customer service experience by being available 24/7 for emergency assistance.


Extensive Coverage – All vehicle rentals include TPTF insurance coverage, thus limiting liability against certain foreseeable incidents.
If you have any questions, you can contact us One2Rent – Vehicle Rental Singapore @ +65 62927575