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What difference does vehicle type make?

What difference does vehicle type make?

What difference does vehicle type make
When looking for a car, many people consider cost and comfort as their main priority. Performance and fuel economy are also among the other key factors of considerations. In today’s automobile market, customers are flooded with many choices. It might become confusing looking at the different categories such as Sedans or SUVs or Hatchbacks. The main difference in classification is based on the body styles of different cars. In this article, we will provide a walk-through of what those terminology means.


The most common vehicle is the traditional Sedans. In certain countries, it is also known as Saloon, which has the same meaning. Sedans are generally 4-door cars with a designated boot as storage space. There are many further classifications for different type of Sedans that typically features the same details — 4-door, 3-box configuration with an emphasis on comfortable passenger (rear) seating.


Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is traditionally a vehicle designed for off-roading capabilities. Over the years, SUV has become increasing popular due to its steady combination of style, comfort and safety. Audi Q5 and Honda CRV are the two highly popular SUV in the current market.


Usually considered the little cousin of the SUV, Hatchback is the much more affordable alternative. With an upwards-opening rear door and foldable rear seats, you will love the ample cargo space especially if you transport sports equipment often. Affordability without too much compromise on comfort and style, it is clear to see why Hatchback cars such as the Mazda 3 and Honda Vezel are popular options for commercial vehicle rental sg.


Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) is also known as people-carrier. Like the name suggest, MPV is equipped with more passenger seats than the usual cars. Extending beyond the normal 2 rows of seats, MPV such as the Toyota Wish and Toyota Vellfire have seating capacities of 7 and 8 people respectively. Much like the Hatchback and SUV vehicles, most MPV also comes with seats that can be folded to creating more cargo space for the different needs. Not surprisingly, MPV are one of the sought-after vehicles for private car leasing.

Knowledge of the different type of vehicle classification will help you to narrow down your choices. Remember to always assess your needs before deciding.

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    What difference does vehicle type make? – One2Rent

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    What difference does vehicle type make? – One2Rent

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    What difference does vehicle type make? – One2Rent

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    What difference does vehicle type make? – One2Rent

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    What difference does vehicle type make? – One2Rent

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    What difference does vehicle type make? – One2Rent