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Worried About Your Truck Fleet Security? Leasing Can Be The Solution!

Worried About Your Truck Fleet Security? Leasing Can Be The Solution!

Worried about your truck fleet security - Leasing can be the solution

Truck theft has a new variation in the form of keyless theft. In an age of convenience, many owners use a keyless system for locking and unlocking their vehicles. While stylistic and user-friendly, this mechanism has left vehicles vulnerable to sophisticated hackers.

Also known as ‘transmitter relay attacks’, criminals exploit a loophole in the keyless systems by using audio transmitters to capture the signal emitted from your vehicle when locking or unlocking. Subsequently, they are able to unlock your vehicle from a distance and proceed to stealing it without suspicion.

This problem is exacerbated when it comes to commercial trucks, which carry valuable goods.

What is the threat to your business?

Theft of both your commercial truck and the goods it carries can bring about significant consequences to your business. This includes:

  • Decline in the performance target of the company
  • Significant loss from the lost transaction
  • Increase in expenses for the business
  • Downtime in the operations
  • Low customer satisfaction
  • Damage to your reputation


Why is truck rental a viable solution?

One of the oldest solutions to address risk is to diversify it. In this case, commercial truck rental may prove a viable alternative to owning your own vehicle. By and large, corporate car rental Singapore companies keep their vehicles up-to-date with the latest anti-theft measures while covering foreseeable risk.

What are the advantages of truck rental? 

  1. The enhanced security measures introduced by the rental company reduces the risk of your vehicle signals been intercepted and used.
  1. Retaining customer satisfaction. In a highly competitive industry, a singular customer service failure is sufficient to spell trouble for your firm. Besides losing a valuable client, they may give bad reviews of your company, thus damaging your firm’s reputation.
  1. Reasonable agreements are offered by truck rental companies. They usually provide some assumption of risks, which means that you need not worry about possible losses for your business. Some firms also offer money-back guarantee plus reimbursements in case of fortuitous events.
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